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3 Day Trips

Explore the Fringes of Beautiful Green Bay Newfoundland: Experience King’s Point & Springdale

Day 1:  Awake on the water of Notre Dame Bay, to the sounds of seabirds chatting and Minke whales feeding. Take a morning stroll through the town of Kings Point and visit the Humpback Whale Pavilion to get up close and personal with a 52 foot female whale skeleton.  Stop into the local pottery shop to see unique art from around Canada and to experience a personalized wheel throwing and decorating clay session.  Then grab a towel and sturdy walking shoes for a refreshing dip by the eight hundred foot Rattling Brook Falls.

Day 2:  Indulge in an energizing breakfast before heading out to hike one of Newfoundland’s best kept secrets, the eight kilometer Alexander Murray Hiking Trail. Ascend through a six hundred foot gorge to the top lookout to scout icebergs floating in Green Bay below. Meander back down to sea level and relax your legs on the water as you cruise along the coast on a boat tour.

Day 3:  Take relaxing drive out to Nicky’s Nose Cove to scout for icebergs that frequent the local beach and then head to the town of Springdale for a rip roaring back country adventure with Rob Clarke Motorsports, with a variety of trails and unique destinations to choose from. 

Explore the Coast of Bays in Southern Newfoundland: Experience Harbour Breton & McCallum

Day 1:  Start your Coast of Bays experience in the Town of Harbour Breton with a tour of Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre, the former residence of a local merchant.  Then hike to the top of Gun Hill for a picnic with breathtaking views of the area and the last remaining French communities, Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Visit the Elliott Premises to learn the history of Newman and Company in this region, and the area's strong relationship with the sea. End your day relaxing seaside on the unique red sands at Deadman’s Cove.

Day 2:  Head to Hermitage to catch the 90 minute passenger ferry to scenic McCallum. This isolated community is considered one of the most reminiscent to a 1900’s Newfoundland outport. With no vehicle traffic, and only boardwalk paths to meander around the community, a visit to McCallum is sure to help any visitor relax and soak up the area’s natural beauty.

Day 3: Catch the ferry back to Hermitage today and head north. Along the way, visit Conne River, the Miawpukek First Nations Reserve which is the only first nations reserve in the Newfoundland Labrador. View the local crafts and learn about the culture and history of the aboriginal people of the region.

4 Day Trips

Visit the Iceberg Capital of Newfoundland: Experience Twillingate & Newtown

Day 1 & 2: Venture across the causeway to experience the splendor of the historic town of Twillingate – the Iceberg Capital of Newfoundland. With so much to do and see, spend at least two days in this mystical place. View 12,000-year-old leviathans of ice from the lookout at Long Point Lighthouse, and take to the water on one of the local boat tours for a more intimate experience. Humpback whales and a variety of seabirds often frequent this area. Return to shore to venture through town to visit the various museums, root cellars and gift shops. Also set aside time to explore the rugged coastline on one of the many coastal walking trails. In the evenings sample traditional food and drink, and immerse in local entertainment at various venues. Then nestle in for the night right next to the ocean.

Day 3:  Don traditional slickers and take a morning tour to the fishing grounds to learn how to be a fisherman, and then tour the Prime Berth Fishing & Heritage Museum. Visit the Provincial Historic Site in Boyd’s Cove to learn about the now extinct Beothuk aboriginal culture and to add a token to the spirit garden.  Then take the leisure drive along the “the loop” through small coastal communities.  Along the way, stop to stretch your legs and discover a variety of songbirds on the Carmanville Wetland trails. Then enjoy the sunset at the beach in Musgrave Harbour.

Day 4: Step back in time as you explore the Barbour Living Heritage Village in Newtown, a town often referred to as the “Venice of Newfoundland”. Learn what life was like for a typical fishing merchant family. Tour the village, learn how to mend nets with a modern day fishermen, and even bake a pie with Aunt Hetti as part of their Make It, Bake it, Eat it culinary experience. Afterwards, get a behind-the-scene look at the art of printmaking in an authentic 1890 general store at Norton’s Cove Studio in Brookfield.

Adventure to the Islands off the Island of Newfoundland: Experience Fogo Island & Change Islands

Day 1:  Catch the ferry in Farewell for a trip to the serene fishing village on Change Islands, known for its well-preserved fishing architecture. Pet and feed the endangered Newfoundland pony at the sanctuary, listen to the amazing stories at the Olde Shoppe and take a leisurely seaside stroll along the various coastal trails. Relax at the Seven Oaks Inn and take time to connect with the locals.  
Day 2:  Take the 20 minute ferry ride to neighboring Fogo Island, the largest inhabited island off the coast of Newfoundland. This island is teeming with authentic attractions and a great first stop is the Information Center that can provide information on daily events.  Stop in the FU Trading Post in Seldom to learn about the Fogo Island process. Then head to Joe Batt’s Arm, to marvel at the modern architecture of the award winning Fogo Island Inn, and enjoy a culinary experience infused with local flavors. Compare shoe sizes with a sorceress at the oddball Witch’s Foot at Etheridge’s Point.  Then travel to Tilting, the first provincial registered heritage district and now a National Historic Site that is soaked in Irish culture. Stroll the beach and catch a glimpse of the squish studio plunked amongst the hill side. 
Day 3:  Walk the streets of Fogo proper to visit various shops, and museums.  Climb to the top of Brimstone Head, known as one of the four corners of the earth by the Flat Earth Society. Then stop into the Marconi Wireless Interpretation Center and if time allows explore the Lion’s Den Hiking Trail with panoramic views of the community.
Day 4: Enjoy a peaceful morning and then catch the ferry back to the mainland of Newfoundland refreshed and ready to continue exploring Adventure Central Newfoundland.